One in four U.S. parents unprepared for holiday hangover

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December 11, 2018
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One in four U.S. parents unprepared for holiday hangover

(Reuters Health) – – While most parents heading out for alcohol-infused holiday parties will have arranged for child care while they’re out and for transportation back home in case they become tipsy, one in four won’t have put much thought into how they’ll handle the kids if they have a hangover the next morning, a U.S. survey suggests.

The nationally representative survey, which included responses from 1,170 parents with at least one child up to age nine, also found that three in 10 parents said they knew of an adult who may have caused an unsafe situation for their child due to alcohol consumption at a holiday celebration.

The message for parents is “enjoy the holidays, but you need to make arrangements to fulfill your parenting responsibilities,” said Sarah Clark, co-director of the C.S. Mott Children’s National Poll on Children’s Health.

Clark doesn’t think parents are being irresponsible. “I actually think they don’t anticipate having a hangover,” she said. “That comes from something else in the data: the people who are least likely to make plans are the ones who say they drink rarely. To be honest, I think they forget how you can feel the next day. Even a mild hangover combined with a two-year-old can be a problem if you don’t have energy and may not feel as alert as you would be otherwise.”

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