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Preventing Maternal and Infant Mortality in Nigeria
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Who We Are

a social enterprise with a unique mission

HelpMum is a social enterprise birthed with the mission to reduce maternal and infant mortality in Nigeria.

Our Vision

To become Africa’s leading mobile healthcare (mHealth) service provider before the year 2023.
To see a world free of maternal and infant death.

Our Mission

Our mission is to eradicate infant and maternal mortality in Nigeria through the distribution of affordable Clean Birth kits to pregnant women in deprived and underserved communities, registration of mothers on our vaccination tracking system, and training of community birth attendants using our E-learning platform.

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Our Offer

Birth Kit

We provide low cost Clean Birth kit to pregnant women in rural/underserved communities. We develop basic, inexpensive HelpMum Clean kits in rural./underserved communities.


Training of Traditional Birth Attendant in underserved communities on how to treat post-partum haemorrhage and other danger signs during childbirth.

Vaccination Tracker

Helpmum helps deliver reminder for immunization session schedule, thus preventing vaccine-preventable deaths.

Health Information

We support pregnant women and mothers of newborn babies especially throughout their pregnancy and post-natal journey with health information, reminders and medical advice in their own indigenous language.

Helpmum E-learning platform

This is a platform containing pre-recorded videos for community birth attendants in their indigenous language. This platform gives them easy access to all our trainings from the comfort of their homes. Topics such as How to use the mucous extractor, how to prevent post-partum hemorrhage and many more are available on the platform.


Also the deaths of newborn babies in Nigeria represent a quarter of the total number of deaths of children under-five. The majority of these occur within the first week of life, mainly due to complications during pregnancy and delivery reflecting the intimate link between newborn survival and the quality of maternal care. Of Course these deaths are preventable.

According to UNICEF “Every single day, Nigeria loses about 2,300 children under five and 145 women of childbearing age. This makes the country the second largest contributor to the under–five and maternal mortality rate in the world.” Every 10 minutes, one woman dies on account of pregnancy or childbirth in Nigeria..

Women who live in rural, underserved and deprived communities in Nigeria do not have access to safe and hygienic delivery due to lack of public health facilities, lack of clean birth kits and lack of adequate health information.  These women do not present their children for immunization at appropriate times thereby resulting in the death of these children before they reach the age of 4


Our Solution

HelpMum is a social enterprise birthed with the mission to eradicate maternal and infant mortality in Nigeria. Using the power of mobile technology and low cost innovations, we deliver lifesaving health information to pregnant women on their mobile phones, provide clean birthkits for women in deprived and underserved communities, remind women of their babies’ vaccination appointments through our vaccination tracking system and train community birth attendants using our E-Learning platform by providing HelpMum free mobile tablets.

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