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E-learning Platform


One of our major ways of combating infant and maternal mortality in Nigeria is by training community birth attendants. Since Inception, We have succeeded in training over 1,000 community birth attendants in 5 different states in Nigeria. Due to the pandemic, we could no longer do physical training, therefore we had to create an E-learning platform where community birth attendants can access our training and also train several others like them using the Free HelpMum mobile tablet given to them. The E-learning platform contains 10 prerecorded videos which cuts across salient topics in delivery and childbirth. They were recorded in the birth attendant’s indigenous language for better comprehension.

HelpMum Manufactured and Provided Free HelpMum Protective Mask to
Pregnant women and Nursing mothers in remote areas in Nigeria

We are aware of the impact of covid-19 in rural communities and how important it is for rural women to stay safe and protect themselves from the virus. In response to the pandemic, HelpMum began the distribution of 10,000 facemasks in April to community birth attendants and rural women.

Helpmum Digital Health Cafe

HelpMum launches First-ever Digital Health Cafe in Africa.

We are glad to introduce “The HelpMum Digital Health Cafe”.
This innovation stemmed from the research carried out by our team which revealed the highly unhygienic and deteriorated state of community birth attendant homes in Nigeria.
HelpMum intervened by renovating one of such homes which is the Hallelujah Faith Home, Atenda Community Ibadan, Oyo State. The following was carried out;

1) Complete renovation of the building which includes Roofing Flooring, Plastering, Fencing, and Painting.
2) Provision of modern bathroom and toilet facilities
3) Provision of Hospital Equipment and infrastructure such as Hospital beds, baby cots, and delivery bed
4) Provision of inverter to ensure uninterrupted power supply
5) Free internet subscription to ensure the birth attendant can connect remotely with a medical doctor should emergencies occur.

Furthermore, this HelpMum Digital Health Cafe would serve as a place where she can train other community birth attendants with the use of our E-learning Platform. She would also be able to carry out about 500 deliveries successfully monthly for “Free” for the women in the community and beyond..

This innovation is the first of its kind and definitely the first of many.