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HelpMum E-Learning Platform

One of our major ways of combating infant and maternal mortality in Nigeria is by training community birth attendants. Due to the pandemic, we could no longer do physical training, therefore we had to create an E-learning platform where community birth attendants can access our training and also train several others like them using the free mobile tablet given to them. Below, you can access the 20 prerecorded videos which cuts across salient topics in delivery and childbirth. They were recorded in the birth attendant’s indigenous language for better comprehension. We also extend our support by distributing HelpMum free mobile tablets to community health workers operating in remote rural areas. These HelpMum Free Mobile tablets are pre-loaded with the content from our E-learning platform, ensuring accessibility even without the need for Wi-Fi or internet connectivity. The content of HelpMum E-learning Platform are used to save the lives of pregnant women during childbirth in remote rural areas in Nigeria.The content of the HelpMum E-learning Platform is primarily created in Yoruba, a major indigenous language in Nigeria. This ensures that community health workers and traditional birth attendants in remote rural areas can access and understand the information provided