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Impact Stories

Our Impact So far

Our works in rural , underserved and remote communities and public health centres where we have provided free medical checkups,free life saving health informations and HelpMum Clean birth kit.

Clean Birth Kits

With the hygienically packaged birth kits, women in underserved areas will have access to clean and essential items required for a clean and safe delivery. Women in rural communities will also be encouraged to present to skilled or trained birth attendants at the onset of labor.

Vaccination Tracker

With the vaccination tracking system, thousands of nursing mothers registered will receive regular reminders to present their children for immunization, and also receive health information on the vaccines their children are receiving. This will increase immunization rates and reduce vaccine preventable childhood diseases and deaths.

TBA training

Training of traditional birth attendants, especially in rural communities where access to Health care facilities is minimal is essential in ensuring these TBAs are sensitized in the most common causes of maternal deaths; Post-Partum hemorrhage being the leading cause, how to prevent and curb them, how to identify danger signs that require prompt referral to health care facilities and general clean and safe delivery practices.

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