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Research And Publications

At HelpMum, we are dedicated to improving maternal and infant healthcare. As part of our
commitment to this mission, we engage in ongoing research and publication efforts to gain a
holistic view of our work and to continuously improve upon it.

Through our research initiatives, we aim to deepen our understanding of the unique challenges
facing mothers and infants, as well as identify innovative solutions to address these issues. Our findings are disseminated through various publications, including peer-reviewed journals and
conference proceedings, to ensure that our insights are shared with other healthcare professionals and stakeholders.

By leveraging the latest research and technology, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of
what is possible in the field of maternal and infant healthcare. We believe that our ongoing
commitment to research and publication is essential in our quest to improve the lives of mothers
and infants, both locally and globally.

Our Research Works

ADVISER: AI-Driven Vaccination Intervention Optimiser for Increasing Vaccine Uptake in Nigeria

HelpMum collaborated with Google Research and Vanderbilt University to develop ADVISER, an AI-driven innovation aimed at increasing vaccination uptake in Nigeria. The research paper on ADVISER, jointly written by HelpMum, Google Research, and Vanderbilt University, was accepted at the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI) and received an award in the AI for social goods category. Last year, in 2022, ADVISER was featured as a case study in a lecture at Harvard University, showcasing HelpMum’s AI innovation. HelpMum AI Innovation (ADVISER) is currently being deployed on the field to enhance immunization outcomes in Oyo state, Nigeria.

AI4SG Workshop
(7-10 Feb ‘22)

Our work on optimizing heterogeneous resource allocation to increase vaccination uptake, in collaboration with Vanderbilt University, USA and the Google AI for Social Good Lab, was awarded the best presentation at the AI for Social Good 2022 workshop organized by Google Research.


HelpMum partnered with Solve4Good in the USA to conduct a study on maternal health outcomes in Nigeria, using data processing and analysis techniques to gather insights. Find our learning through the link below

HelpMum partnered with an MSC student at University College London to feature our work as an academic case study, highlighting our efforts as a disruptive initiative.

HelpMum Vaccination tracker was used as research study by an MSC student at John Hopkins university, USA

HelpMum Impact Report

HelpMum has been regularly publishing impact reports since 2019 to showcase the outcomes of its work in the field. You can find all of HelpMum’s impact reports from 2019 to 2022 below.

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