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We are delighted to bring you the highly anticipated update on HelpMum’s remarkable accomplishments during the first half of this year (January to June). The past six months have been a period of significant progress and success for HelpMum.

Our unwavering dedication to leveraging technology and improving maternal and infant healthcare has made a tangible difference in the lives of vulnerable mothers and their precious babies. As we reflect on our transformative impact together, we are more inspired than ever to continue our journey towards a future where every mother and child can access the care and support they deserve. Together, let us embark on an inspiring journey as we unveil the transformative impact we have accomplished.


In an ever-evolving world where medical advancements continue to shape the healthcare landscape, one practice stands out as a cornerstone of public health: CHILDHOOD VACCINATIONS. Vaccinations have long been heralded as one of the most effective and successful interventions in preventing the spread of infectious diseases among children. They have revolutionized healthcare, saving countless lives and protecting future generations from devastating illnesses. The Helpmum AI innovation presents an effective solution to address the challenges of vaccine distribution and resource allocation in the fight against vaccine-preventable diseases. HelpMum leverages the power of artificial intelligence and data analytics to ensure that vaccines are delivered to the right nursing mother at the right time.

In the first half of the year, from the interventions incorporated into the HelpMum ADVISER, we have been able to reach nursing mothers in over 400 communities in collaboration with qualified health workers; we also sent out travel vouchers to nursing mothers in over 300 communities, assisting them with transportation costs to take their children for their vaccination. We have called and sent reminder SMS to nursing mothers in 500 communities to remind them about their children’s vaccination appointments.

These accomplishments underscore our commitment to leveraging innovative technologies and data-driven approaches to strengthen childhood vaccination programs. By providing tailored interventions, we ensure the effective delivery of vaccines and address the underlying barriers that hinder access to immunization services. Through these efforts, we are making substantial progress in reducing the burden of vaccine-preventable diseases, protecting children’s lives, and fostering healthier communities.


Childhood vaccinations provide immediate protection and contribute to long-term public health outcomes. The eradication of diseases through vaccination programs eliminates the need for costly and burdensome treatments, hospitalizations, and extended healthcare interventions. Additionally, preventing the transmission of diseases reduces the risk of outbreaks, alleviates healthcare burdens, and improves the overall well-being of the general public. In the first half of the year, we were able to reach nursing mothers in over 400 communities in collaboration with qualified health workers and midwives.

In one of our vaccination drives, the Helpmum team had the opportunity to converse with two nursing mothers. One of the nursing mothers, Mrs. Durotayo, shared with us that her child has never received any vaccinations due to her busy schedule. She appreciated HelpMum because our outreach program gave her the opportunity to give her child the proper vaccination he needs to protect him from vaccine-preventable diseases. Another nursing mother, Mrs. Akinshola, said she missed her child’s vaccination appointment due to the long distance between her residence and the health facility. She was very happy and expressed her gratitude to HelpMum for the great work we are doing.

As we continue to deploy the ADVISER program, we remain dedicated to empowering families, protecting children’s health, and striving for a future where every child receives the essential immunizations they deserve.


Achieving high childhood immunization coverage remains a significant challenge in Nigeria. Despite efforts to improve vaccination rates, the coverage rates for essential vaccines such as DTP1 and DTP3 were estimated at 65% and 57%, respectively, in 2020. The persistently low immunization coverage rates in Nigeria have been found to have implications on the health and well-being of children. Those who do not receive their vaccinations are left vulnerable to vaccine-preventable diseases. Financial constraints and long distances to the health care centers are why nursing mothers do not take their children for routine vaccinations.

One of the interventions employed to address this issue is our travel voucher. This particular intervention entails providing monetary incentives to mothers, enabling them to transport themselves and their children to vaccination centers. With the help of the ADVISER algorithm, we have successfully identified and matched nursing mothers in over 300 communities with the travel voucher intervention.

As a result of the implementation of this intervention, accessibility to vaccination services has been significantly enhanced. This intervention plays a pivotal role in alleviating the financial burden associated with transportation, thereby empowering mothers to prioritize their children’s immunization. The innovative nature of this approach has led to a substantial improvement in vaccination rates and overall healthcare outcomes for both mothers and children.


Bus Pickups and drop-offs are part of the interventions designed for the HelpMum AI Innovation ADVISER framework. This intervention provides nursing mothers with free transportation services. These mothers are picked up from their respective pick-up locations, taken to the health care center for their children’s vaccinations, and returned to their respective drop-off locations.

We are super excited to provide bus pickup and drop off to nursing mothers to ensure their children get the necessary vaccinations they need when due.

It is important to note that our mission with HelpMum ADVISER is to ensure all children are immunized, no matter the community they live in.


Helpmum incorporated vaccination phone calls and SMS reminders into the ADVISER FRAMEWORK to prevent parents from skipping their child’s vaccination appointments. As part of this intervention, We have sent additional SMS and phone call reminders in English and Yoruba to remind parents to vaccinate their children. In the first half of the year, we made additional phone calls and sent SMS reminders to nursing mothers on 500 communities to remind them of their child’s vaccination appointment, enabling them to take their children for their necessary shots when due.


In partnership with the Oyo State government, we have visited 139 Primary Health Care Centers in Oyo State. During our visits to these health centers, we had interactive sessions where we addressed any concerns or misconceptions regarding vaccines and provided accurate information to both nursing mothers and health workers. We emphasized the safety and efficacy of vaccines, debunked common myths, and highlighted their vital role in protecting children from various diseases.

We also installed the HelpMum vaccination Tracker on their mobile devices to support nursing mothers and healthcare workers in their vaccination efforts. This innovative tool empowered healthcare providers to efficiently track and monitor the immunization status of children under their care. With the vaccination Tracker, health workers could easily access the vaccination records of each child, ensuring that the appropriate vaccines were administered at the recommended intervals. This streamlined process reduced the likelihood of missed doses and facilitated more effective follow-up care.

Our vaccination sensitizations aim to raise awareness, educate, and empower nursing mothers and health workers in Oyo State about the importance of vaccines. By engaging with nursing mothers and health workers and providing accurate information, we ensure that every child receives the protection they need to live a healthy and disease-free life.


In partnership with the ACT Foundation, we have successfully distributed the HelpMum Clean birth kit to pregnant women in five different communities.

Childbirth is a complex process that demands a sterile and controlled environment to minimize the risks of infections and other complications. The significance of maintaining clean and hygienic practices during childbirth cannot be overstated, as it significantly contributes to the well-being and safety of both the mother and the newborn. To address this issue and improve health outcomes for mothers and newborns, Helpmum developed the clean birth kit. This kit is specifically designed to mitigate the challenges faced by pregnant women, promote cleanliness, and enhance hygiene practices during delivery.

During our distribution efforts, we had the opportunity to hear directly from one of the beneficiaries. She shared her personal experience of encountering complications due to an infection during the delivery of her first child. Reflecting on her ordeal, she expressed that had she been provided with the HelpMum clean birth kit during that critical moment, such complications could have been prevented. She expressed her heartfelt appreciation for our remarkable work and urged us to continue making a positive difference in the lives of pregnant women in Nigeria.

Our collaboration with the ACT Foundation has allowed us to reach these communities and provide pregnant women with the necessary resources to ensure safe and hygienic deliveries. We remain committed to our mission and will strive to expand our reach, impacting pregnant women’s lives throughout Nigeria.

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Two community birth attendants who retail our HelpMum clean birth kits, Mrs. Balikis of Olorungbebe Faith Home and Mrs. Adeyemo of Glory of God Faith Home, visited our headquarters.

They told us about their experience selling the kits to pregnant women. They expressed their satisfaction with the quality of the birth kits and how they helped make the women’s childbirth experience much more safe, comfortable, and hygienic. They also appreciated the opportunity to earn a commission for their efforts.

In the first half of the year, we onboarded 15 birth kit sellers. These birth kit sellers sell the birth kit to pregnant mothers and receive their own commission on every sale they make.

Their positive feedback is a testament to our team’s commitment to ensuring that expectant mothers have access to clean, high-quality birth kits.

We were pleased to know that we are meeting the needs of pregnant women in rural communities through our clean birth kits.


Meet Mrs. Ogundipe Kehinde and her baby, Zinat Ogundipe. Mrs. Ogundipe is a beneficiary of one of the interventions from ADVISER (Reminder messages and phone calls, Travel vouchers, Bus pick-up and drop-off, and Vaccination drive) in Ibadan, Oyo State.

As part of the HelpMum ADVISER framework, the bus pick-up and drop-off service was incorporated to address these barriers and enhance childhood immunization coverage. This intervention provides nursing mothers with free transportation services to ensure their children get the necessary vaccinations.

She expresses her heartfelt appreciation to HelpMum for providing transportation services to the healthcare center, emphasizing how instrumental it was in ensuring that her child received the necessary vaccination shots at the right time. She urges us to continue providing nursing mothers with access to quality healthcare services.

Mrs. Ogundipe is a testament to the transformative power of HelpMum ADVISER. At HelpMum, we are committed to breaking down barriers and ensuring equitable access to essential healthcare services for mothers and children.

Click on this link to watch this feedback video from Mrs. Ogundipe kehinde:

Click on this link to watch other feedback videos from other beneficiaries:


Each year, childbirth-related complications claim the lives of approximately 4.5 million infants and over 303,000 women, primarily affecting developing nations. Inadequate birthing conditions and a lack of access to clean supplies contribute significantly to these fatalities, as infections become a major cause of concern.

To combat this issue, the HelpMum clean birth kit has been developed to play a crucial role in preventing infections during childbirth. The kit incorporates a comprehensive range of measures, prioritizing cleanliness in multiple critical areas. By ensuring the sanitation of hands, perineum, delivery surfaces, and cord-cutting instruments and implementing appropriate cord care practices, the HelpMum clean birth kit effectively reduces the risk of introducing unhygienic elements during delivery. These essential components work together to establish an optimal level of hygiene, effectively safeguarding both the mother and newborn from potential childbirth-related infections.

Mrs. Aminat Bassey from Orogun, a beneficiary of our HelpMum clean birth kit, visited our headquarters and shared with our team the usefulness of our clean birth kit during the delivery of her baby. Mrs. Bassey’s story served as a powerful testament to the impact of our clean birth kit, reinforcing our commitment to continue providing essential tools and resources to promote infection prevention and improve maternal and child health outcomes globally. Her story inspires us to reach even more women and communities, ensuring that every childbirth is a safer and healthier experience for all.

Click on this link to watch this feedback video from Mrs. Aminat Bassey:

Click on this link to watch other feedback videos from other beneficiaries:


The HelpMum E-learning platform is a valuable digital tool that was created to empower community birth attendants. Our quality training materials are easily accessible online, which allows community birth attendants to improve their knowledge and skills regardless of their location, which we believe will ultimately lead to better health outcomes for mothers and their babies.

These community birth attendants are given free mobile tablets containing prerecorded videos that cover teachings on salient topics that are practical and highly applicable while carrying out deliveries. In addition to providing access to training materials, our e-learning platform has also facilitated communication and collaboration among community birth attendants. This has helped them build a sense of community and support, as well as provide opportunities for peer learning and sharing best practices.

We got feedback from over 18 community birth attendants who have benefited from our E-Learning platform. They told us how the tutorial videos have been a reliable source of knowledge, and they refer to the instructions whenever necessary. The mobile tabs have also helped them keep accurate records of the vaccination details of the infants in their communities.
They expressed their appreciation for our contribution to the growth of their work, and we are very proud of how hard they work to save the lives of pregnant women and infants.

Visit our YouTube page to watch the feedback videos of our E-learning mobile tablet beneficiaries-


We are delighted to share the exciting news of our successful grant funding from the ACT Foundation. With this invaluable support, we are poised to amplify our innovative technology solution dedicated to improving maternal and infant healthcare in Nigeria. This grant funding will empower us to extend our reach and amplify our impact in the field.


Last week, our CEO, Dr. Abiodun Adereni, discussed with a remarkable reporter from Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, how the HelpMum Vaccination Tracker and our latest AI innovation (ADVISER) are transforming immunization outcomes in Nigeria.

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, which is a major funder of immunization in Nigeria, has committed a staggering 1.03 billion dollars over the next decade (2018–2028) to provide vaccines for children across Nigeria. Nevertheless, the challenge has always been to ensure that these vaccines are distributed effectively, particularly to children living in remote regions. This is where HelpMum Vaccination Tracker and HelpMum ADVISER come in. We utilize the latest AI and tracking technology to ensure that every child in Nigeria, regardless of location, receives the necessary vaccines for good health. Our aim is not only to improve immunization rates in Nigeria, but also to create a sustainable system that the Nigerian government can embrace and utilize as an open-source platform to enhance immunization outcomes worldwide.

An AI-driven mobile app is helping Nigerian mothers keep on top of their babies’ immunisation…

HelpMum, a social enterprise, is helping Nigerian mothers close the immunisation gap with the help of a mobile app, an…


We are delighted to announce that the HelpMum Vaccination Tracker is now available in three additional preferred languages: Igbo, Yoruba, and Hausa. This important decision reflects our commitment to inclusivity and ensuring that every Nigerian mother can access and utilize the HelpMum Vaccination Tracker regardless of the language they speak. By expanding language support, we aim to break down barriers and empower more mothers to effectively monitor their children’s immunization schedules, ultimately contributing to improved healthcare outcomes for families across Nigeria.

In the last six months, we have been able to make 54,055 phone calls and send SMS to parents to remind them of their child’s vaccination appointment.

The HelpMum Vaccination Tracker plays a crucial role in assisting thousands of nursing mothers in monitoring their children’s immunization schedules, thereby contributing to preventing vaccine-preventable diseases. We are incredibly excited about this significant milestone, as it signifies that the HelpMum Vaccination Tracker is now accessible to every mother in Nigeria, regardless of the language they speak.

Download The HelpMum Vaccination Tracker on iOS-

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The HelpMum Digital Health café is a wholly renovated maternity home that has been well equipped to provide quality health care to pregnant women in the rural community. It also serves as a training home for community birth attendants, and many other health programs and research activities have been hosted in the health café.

We are excited about the healthcare cafe’s impact on the community and are happy to provide pregnant women access to clean and quality health care.

Help us spread the word about the HelpMum Vaccination Tracker by sharing the links below with every nursing mother you know across Africa!

Download The HelpMum Vaccination Tracker on iOS-

Download The HelpMum Vaccination Tracker on Android-